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Let us take care of payroll and human
resources administration and calmly
focus on strategic areas of the company.
Increase productivity, reduce risk, say
goodbye to mistakes and reduce costs
Taste the world's quality.
Outsourcing is permanent access to professionals.
Regardless of whether you need a single service
in a distributed company structure,
non-linguistic expat handling or
service integrated with ERP.
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How are we helping?

efficiently and professionally

We take care of the deadlines and
compliance of HR and payroll processes
with current legal regulations.
We can support you in almost every
aspect related to human resources.
Handling employment contracts and civil law contracts, keeping personal folders (including e-books)
Recording working time, calculating salaries and preparing transfers
Comprehensive service of PPK, subsidies for salaries and employee training
Preparation of declarations, notifications, reports, reports and applications to offices (US, ZUS, GUS, PFRON)
Preparation of certificates for employees, control of medical examinations, health and safety training and holidays
Archiving Employee Records
Disclosure of executive remuneration
Employment of foreigners, support for delegations/employee trips
Replacement of absent employees of the human resources and payroll department

Do you have an unusual situation? Contact us to know more.
We are specialists in unusual matters.

Greater flexibility/ and easy scalability
More than 25% reduction/operating costs
Compliance with current regulations and regulations

Benefits of outsourcing based on KPMG and HFS studies.

Błyskawiczne tempo zmian przepisów
wymusza nieustanne szkolenia działu
kadr i płac oraz aktualizacje systemów ERP.
Łatwo się w tym wszystkim pogubić,
zwłaszcza gdy to nie core business
firmy. Ale jest na to sposób
– usługi Banach Outsourcing!
The rapid pace of changes in regulations
forces constant training of the HR and payroll
departments and updates of ERP systems.
It's easy to get lost in all this, especially
when it's not the core business of the
company. But there is a way
– Banach Outsourcing services!




Peace of mind and security

Increased efficiency and profitability of your business
Reduced risk of penalties and controls and full confidentiality of data
Simplified procedures and faster lead times
Flawless reports and improved business analytics
Quickly resolve employee issues
Less investment in infrastructure
ongoing advice in the field of labour law, social security and GDPR
representation before government officials, business intelligence and reports
Replacement of absent employees of the human resources and payroll department



Simple and very comfortable

Employee Portal is our website
through which employees
and their superiors can:

  • Have free access to the
    employee’s personal file (e-file)
  • Preview payroll in the form
    of electronic “pay slips”
  • Have access to earnings, tax
    and insurance cards (ZUS)
  • Monitor and edit contributions to the ECP
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Let our customers tell you what cooperation with Banach Outsourcing looks like

Pozwól naszym klientom, opowiedzieć Ci jak wygląda współpraca z Banach Outsourcing

Case Study

Case Study

The group manages 8 amusement parks from Belgium: in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland,
the Polish branch employs approx. 60 people. We have been cooperating since 2020.

The challenge

No chief accountant;
shared services centre
from Belgium (on SAP).


In order to optimize the financial burden for the customer and secure the area for him the most sensitive in Poland, and at the same time the most difficult to handle by CUW in Belgium, we finally agreed that we would conduct reporting and deal with the verification of sales invoices (Belgian employees do not speak Polish).

Nidec Corporation is a Japanese leader in the production of electric motors.
In Poland, it employs approx. 120 people. We have been cooperating since 2017.

The challenge

The disintegration of the accounting department. Emphasis on perfection and zero level of errors in payroll settlements due to, among others, employee pressure.


We have seconded an auditor to the company, who has sorted out the company's accounting matters – he has proved himself enough to be employed by the client. We are currently working on Nidec's payroll to ensure its expected highest level of quality.

The company under the QUIOSQEUE brand has approx. 150 stores
in 80 largest cities in Poland, also runs an online store.
We have been cooperating since 2020.

The challenge

No chief accountant; intricate organizational
structure (separated approx. 100 companies).


We organized the accounting of all companies, supported the process of restructuring the group, on a large scale. Currently, we conduct statutory reporting.

Stiga is a Swedish brand of gardening machinery manufacturer.
They employ approx. 60 people. They have been our client since 2018.

The challenge

Resignation from the main human resources work.


We efficiently took over the full spectrum of HR and payroll tasks, also in the field of PPK. We are currently implementing the HR Portal from Asseco.

Profitroom is a Poznań provider of SaaS technology
and hotel marketing services for hotels and apartments.
The company employs approx. 180 people.
We have been cooperating since 2021.

The challenge

Through prior contact and knowledge of the period of cooperation in Allegro, we were invited to conduct accounting matters, also due to our experience in working for companies from the hospitality industry. In addition, the client had difficulties communicating with staff in a foreign branch.


We have designed and implemented solutions as a shared service centre for the company – we have taken over the handling of the books in the German branch, we have dealt with the accounting in the British Isles and the Czech Republic, including registration for VAT purposes; we have left the handling of tax matters to foreign branches in accordance with local legislation.

It is a Scandinavian company present in Poland for over 30 years, based in Łódź.
They've been our client since 2021.

The challenge

Personnel problem within the company at the level of people dealing with finance and accounting. Sudden inaccessibility of the accounts within the deadline for submitting the VAT return. Customer's dependence on one person focusing on financial matters.


We prepared the VAT return on time, despite the lack of a formal takeover of the company and implementation into tasks; we efficiently took over the statutory reporting and tax matters; we received the liquidation of the branch in Belarus (instead of the BIG4 company) for implementation.




Effectiveness driving success

We believe that the basis of good relations are quick reactions and efficient action,
which we owe to the availability of numerous management staff.
But what really distinguishes us is a genuinely individual approach.

Our clients' companies have one thing
in common. Each one is different.

We fit into the organizational
structures of our clients, instead of
reorganizing their work.

Every company has
completely different needs.

Therefore, we design each
service individually depending on
the situation, needs and expectations.

Each company has
completely different goals.

We deal with difficult, complex,
pre-tendent cases that seem
too difficult for competitors.





For a CFO to be able to strategically support the development of his or her organization, he or she must have the space to do so.

It achieves it when it ceases to be limited by the supervision of accounting matters and the tracking of changes in the law.

Katarzyna Banach
- President of the Management Board

Aby dyrektor finansowy
mógł strategicznie wspierać
rozwój swojej organizacji,
musi mieć na to przestrzeń.

Osiąga ją, gdy przestaje być
ograniczony nadzorem spraw księgowych i śledzeniem
zmian w przepisach prawa.

Katarzyna Banach
- prezes zarządu.

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