Banach Outsourcing

Banach Outsourcing was established in 2014 to provide an outlet for our PASSION to create and deliver professional business services at the global level.

The company provides a comprehensive service including the outsourcing of finance and accounting function, as well as payroll and HR outsourcing, human capital management (HCM) and HR development, legal, tax and business advisory services, as well as business process consulting.

Banach Outsourcing is a member of the ASSOCIATION of BUSINESS SERVICE LEADERS (ABSL) in Poland.


Banach Outsourcing specialises in providing services to businesses from three key sectors: construction, energy and commerce, even though our business portfolio also includes enterprises representing other branches of the economy.

Our clients include entities from the SME segment (small and mid-sized enterprises) as well as the largest public-listed companies and international groups of companies.

The services of Banach Outsourcing are available to clients from all of Poland and Europe thanks to the extensive network of our business partners – tried and trusted subcontractors working to the Banach Outsourcing standard – and our cutting-edge IT tools. Such a flexible organisation, free from excessive administration, enables us to offer highly competitive price rates and to be exactly where our clients need us. Out multilingual teams are able to communicate proficiently with our clients, e.g. in English or German.


The services of Banach Outsourcing are compliant with global standards and benchmarks and their quality is monitored on an ongoing basis using rigorous checks and analyses, based on the so-called industry key performance indicators (KPIs).

Other distinctive features of our service include state-of-the-art technologies (including workflow, i.e. electronic document management), premium IT applications and the utmost attention to the security of the client’s resources, ensured by a team of internal and external experts (incl. IT security, database administrators and software engineers).

3 FOUNDATIONS OF COLLABORATION: partnership, professionalism, effectiveness

The Banach Outsourcing team believes that successful collaboration between the service provider and a customer is founded on the outsourcer’s PROFESSIONALISM and EFFECTIVENESS – coming from their knowledge and experience. Another success factor is PARTNERSHIP, a product of mutual respect and culture. These three elements – according to our business leaders – underlie TRUST, the necessary component of collaboration in the outsourcing model. Only such a collaborative mindset, in the “WIN-WIN” spirit, can enable outsourcing contracts to rise above the average. This has been demonstrated in numerous industry surveys as well as in the professional experience of the Banach Outsourcing team.

Every day, in our work for every client, the Banach Outsourcing team strives to achieve the POWER of “WE”, rather than “ME”. The effort put into changing the mindset from “what’s in it for me” (WIIFMe) to “what’s in it for we” (WIIFWe) allows both parties achieve an unprecedented dimension of collaboration, which has a direct impact on outstanding financial performance.


Banach Outsourcing was founded by its President, Katarzyna Banach – a recognised expert and manager in the F&A outsourcing sector, with 30 years’ professional track record, who has overseen the completion of more than 1000 contracts for businesses from around Poland and Western Europe, representing diverse business sectors and sizes, from small family enterprises to international groups of companies.

The founder and President of the company has endorsed the Banach Outsourcing brand with her own name and her entire professional experience, that is why in everyday work she encourages the team to embrace professional mastery, process excellence and innovative solutions supporting the collaboration with clients.

Katarzyna Banach has appeared three times in the group of the most influential people in Polish outsourcing – the Top 100 of the Outsourcing Magazine quarterly and the annual Who is Who reports prepared by Gazeta Finansowa. Under her leadership in the past teams won numerous Reliable Outsourcer titles – in 2008, 2011, 2012 and 2013. In the summer of 2015, the title of Reliable Outsourcer 2015 was again awarded to a team led by Katarzyna Banach, this time working under her own brand.


Close-knit interdisciplinary teams are without a doubt a strong point of Banach Outsourcing. Team members consult on pending contracts on an ongoing basis, across clients’ processes and own service lines. Together they seek the optimal solutions, listening intently to what the clients are saying, so that – by gaining an in-depth understanding of their business – they can genuinely assist them in achieving their plans and ambitions and get ahead of their competitors.

The know-how core of the Banach Outsourcing team is made up of a group of experts, notably Katarzyna Banach, Dr Tomasz Kopczyński and Dr Grzegorz Wojtkowiak – university lecturers and at the same time experienced HCM and business consulting practitioners, as well as Jacek Obidowski – solicitor and tax adviser, with many years’ public service experience as a deputy head and head of the tax office.


The constant pursuit of excellence is a trademark of the Banach Outsourcing brand. Our business leaders believe that there is always room for improvement and optimisation, in keeping with the Japanese artisan philosophy of “Takumi”, which assumes that training never ends and advocates mastery and precision.

Japan’s distinguished craftsmen believe that in order to create something truly excellent and exceptional, one needs to develop confidence by doing one’s best without compromising. There is no room for resting on one’s laurels – self-satisfaction or complacency. They espouse continuous development.

Banach Outsourcing experts share this approach with regard to the art of outsourcing. In everyday collaboration with clients their focus is primarily on EFFECTIVENESS – made possible by excellence – which in their opinion is a SUCCESS DRIVER, in line with the brand motto: EFFECTIVENESS DRIVING SUCCESS. Effectiveness enables them to fulfil the clients’ aims – considerably reduce operating expenses, mitigate business risks, boost the rates of return and increase process efficiencies. They live it day in, day out, challenging the clients’ strategies and processes, questioning the status quo and mobilising senior leaders to engage in constructive analysis, feedback and evolution.



In the next few years, the company wants to catch up to the LEADERS OF POLAND’S F&A OUTSOURCING MARKET (Finance & Accounting – services including finance, bookkeeping, payroll and HR) and become one of the key players setting trends in the domestic market.

In the long run, Banach Outsourcing has an ambition to be at the LEADING EDGE OF THE GLOBAL F&A BPO INDUSTRY.

Ever since  Banach Outsourcing was established, its founder, Katarzyna Banach, has been implementing her plans with a steely resolve and follow-through. She welcomes opportunities for collaboration with enterprises determined to achieve a spectacular and sustainable success.


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